As a Licensed Business Parner of Global Native Supply all LBP's will be able to leverage the existing awards and certifications held by GNS.

GNS has designed the Licensed Business Partner program with exceptional opportunites. The processes provided and the stop-gap management tools will enable every LBP to instantly leverage existing certifications and vendor preferences that exist for GNS. This has been proven over time by the the recognition received though awards granted by our customers, agencies, and industry rankings. This means that your organization will instantly be a world class organization with exceptional opportunites for growth and development.

  • Extensive best-in-class distributor certifications
  • Licensed EPEAT company

  • Global Native Supply supports our customers by offering "Best-of-Breed"
    products and comprehensive life cycle management for everything we sell including hardware and data.
  • "Best-of-Green" is a program we developed to create jobs and to protect our environment. CDS practices a passion for excellence in customer service.
  • Our "Golden Rule" for operation is every customer receives a response within the 1st hour. Our market model is strictly business-to business specializing in personal customer service including out-bound sales, people answer our phone, installation, same or next-day delivery. GNS aggressively seeks to promote equality, opportunity, and economy.
  • Offices Products alone are a $55B market according to First Research
    Office product categories include consumable supplies, office accessories, case-good office furniture, janitorial and breakroom supplies.
  • GNS' competitive advantage in these product arenas is primarily due to personal service, low cost of operation, near-zero inventory, process efficiency, certifications, and broad knowledge. As customers begin to experience our methods and prompt service, they tend to come to us first and to view the larger retailers as an alternate. Our active suppliers integrate their sales and support process to our demands for rapid response, reliable order handling, and are responsive to competitive considerations. We have establised a history of securing credit approbal by exception for large-scale projects enabling us to contract for large opportunities while maintaining release on smaller daily orders.

Economic Development

GNS realizes the chanllenges that face Native American organizations trying to attain or increase their economic development resources. GNS can bring your organization into the government contracting arena, and help you create a private sector revenue stream.


Green Business

GNS is committed to protecting the environment at every turn. Every product and process we have is geared toward the protection of our planet. GNS holds several cerifications in environmental friendly business practices that will flow down to all LBP's, leveraging you as a National Green Company.


Training and Education

>GNS has an extensive array of training and Education opportunites for our LPB's. This includes staying in touch with the needs and goals of our partners and their employees by providing state of the art training, certification oppotunities and a wide variety of web-based resources.


Social Issues

GNS wants to make sure that all of our LPB's have every opportunity for success. In that spirit, we are offering unprecedented avenues of indivdual support and resources for the teams we work with. Please read more about how GNS is providing that support.