Products offered by GNS to our partners fall into four categories, each with substantial profit opportunity and broad market reach.  Core products are consumed or utilized by nearly every employed person within your target market.  As long as there are employees, instructors, and students, there will be demand for our product categories.

Learn more about the four catagoried of products offered by GNS below.

GNS holds certifications on ALL Sony product lines as an AUTHORIZED DEALER and with 2 Sony Master "Tatsu-jin" certified representatives, the highest Sony achievement level for professionals.


All of the GNS Licensed Business Partners will have the same training opportunities to achieve this level of certification as well.


About Native Products

One of the most exciting aspects of the Global Native Supply model is the addition of being able to feature products that have been manufactured in Native America with a global presence. The most exciting part of this endeavor is being able to highlight and promote Native Artisans.


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