More about us

Founded in 2001 to answer a question:
Can we create a prosperous business that can … become financially successful and fully functional using technology to achieve our goals independent of business location?  In essence, is it possible to stay at home within our culture while competing in a national marketplace?
Further, can the model succeed with little financial investment, limited education, and limited physical resources?  Can this be accomplished without a stocking warehouse using primarily a drop ship model and utilize preference programs to compete against with major players?  Can we add services behind product sales to create jobs? Can this model be duplicated in other remote locations?
Finally, can this be done without giving up our identity as Native Americans, without leaving home to chase opportunity but rather can we bring opportunity to where we are and become self sufficient?

The need to develop a model that would allow individuals to remain within their home, culture and with family became apparent in 1986 when that economic downturn forced us to relocate away from our home, family and culture.  We inherited what was called "The Dog District".  Our first-year quota for the five state region was $500,000.00 and marching orders to open remote offices and develop sales teams, technicians and administrative staff.  The plan was to develop these locations as well as our home state of Oklahoma so we could return home to our culture and to our family.  In eight years the territory was developed with several offices staffed by a trained and competent sales force achieving some 23 million dollars in sales and the leading region in sales and profitability in the nation.
We returned home in 1999 vowing to determine our own future, and never be forced to leave again.

The Oklahoma Experiment began with the founding of CDS and in the economic turmoil of late 2001 with one distributor in a narrow line of technology products.  We began with no lines of credit and no loans.  We could drop ship from two warehouses and our work was accomplished at a $35.00 garage sale desk.  2002 would be our benchmark year for product, growth, and the development of methods for environmental recycling of the products we are selling.   Can we double growth every other year, create new customers every in-between year, gain lines of credit and add product and training, then repeat the cycle successfully? 
We measured our growth again in 2003 and achieved the planned double growth.  In 2004 we maintained our expanded our customer base and focused on new supplier relationships and increased lines of credit to prepare for doubling again in 2005.  We achieved our goals for 2005 and set out to prove our model could repeat the measured success in 2006 as well as adding a planned new line of products.  We achieved both.

2006 saw expanded relationships with all major technology distributors, added to our customer base, increased our lines of credit as forecasted.  We further developed our environmental electronic recycling for those technology products that we were placing and added a number of warehouses to increase our logistical reach to every state, coast to coast.  We gained a number of professional certifications, as well as business certifications initially for TERO and OMSDC.  We followed in 2004 with entry into the SBA 8(a) program; SDB and HUBZone certification.  We added other certifications and a number of city/state certifications and national certifications.  Our lines of credit were expanded, better pricing models achieved and developed relationships with manufacturers and distributors to gain best customer status.  We received our first business award in 2005 as Supplier of the Year, the first ever given by the awarding tribe to any company.
Our five year plan included adding in 2006 a full line of office supply and office furniture ($55 billion North American sales 2008).  We began establishing relationships with both the number one and number two office supply distributors in 2004 to achieve this goal in twenty four months to support the 2006 expansion.  Using our existing customer base we began our offering in keeping with our growth and maintenance year’s goals in conjunction with our technology offering.  Our first year financial goal for the added office supply was achieved by Q3.   In a mere four years, this segment achieved similar growth as our technology product sales.  2009 sales combined for both technology and office supply exceeded 187% growth with a five year growth of over 800%.  We have combined North America logistical product support of 800,000 products in both technology and office products, with over 130 stocking warehouses.  We achieved our goal to add exclusive technology products of major manufacturers and cutting edge technology to support federal contracts as well as education.   These goals were achieved resulting in military and education contracts. 

In 2007 we were named to the Top Diversity Business list in both state and national rankings.  We received additional awards for our performance in 2008 including Outstanding Business of the Year from the American Indian Chamber of Commerce and in 2009 we were named the number one technology company in Oklahoma by the Native American Business Development, the number one technology firm in the region (11 states) by the MBDA and U.S. Department of Commerce, Outstanding Native American Woman Owned Business from TERO, Outstanding Oklahoma Business of the Year from the Oklahoma Minority Supplier Development Council, HUBZone Star Award and several other awards for business growth and performance.  Our GSA schedule 70 and 75 applications included the required performance review by Dun and Bradstreet.  Ten federal, state and tribal government customers were surveyed by D&B in a performance review required for a federal filing.  Our customers returned near perfect ratings across the board in all areas.  Our experiment has proven to be successful. 
Our ten year plan provides for us to add the third and final product piece to our offering, Promotional Products.  We successfully received our ASI certification and added a full line of products with e-commerce support and virtual art support in Q4 of 09.  This segment includes over 780,000 products, 3500 suppliers and is a $30 billion market.  We have implemented a virtual marketing tool to customize online all products in this segment using the customer’s logo, text and color choices for ease of use by both our partners and the customers themselves.  This market alone offers future opportunity to develop in-house production to control an added piece in the value chain while creating additional local jobs.  Again, this added value would not require long term training or higher education requirements to be successful.

Going forward in 2010 we have successfully developed a unique e-commerce engine that is fully customizable to our Licensed Business Partner’s branding, giving them instant access to over one million technology, office supply, janitorial, and promotional products.  Gartner projects IT spending alone in 2010 at $3.3 trillion which remains an important element to our product offering.  Within two weeks from completion of agreement, LBP’s can be “business ready” within 2-4 weeks.  The “market ready” opportunity provided by GNS to our LBP’s is supported with both a public store front for customers and a back end web site to manage business.  Back end support includes product and order management as well as training for product certification, business processes, and sales strategies that are all written with an eye to cultural competence.  Our partners can access help desk for product and customer support as well as personal counseling support to deal with day to day challenges and stress.  Our partners have opportunity to add products created by their tribal members to our database of products both in our Native American Art Gallery and main stream products that are being manufactured in their community.  This global catalog gives native artisans world attention to promote and sell their products at a market price in a professional setting.

Our e-commerce portal leverages the combined buying power and influence of the entire alliance to attain volume discounts for our partners individually, while aggressively using preference procurement programs and contracting to bring economic opportunity to our partners while offering the logistical support required for national contracts both in the public and private sectors.  We support our partners with proposal, bid and contract assistance using our certifications to gain preference while developing our partners to gain their own certifications for long term success.


We have convened a select group of experts from specific disciplines to advise us as we offer our business model to Indian Country for Native American and tribal economic development that can provide real opportunity within the Native community and culture while leveraging those contracting opportunities that exist for Native American’s but are not being used to build successful and sustainable businesses.  Our adviser's include the leading business strategist from the number one business school in the world;  top executives from the two largest technology distribution corporations in the world who will advise us on product selection/authorizations and logistics both nationally and globally;  senior advisers for Native American economic development;  executives for business incubators; Native American legal strategist's;  national tribal employment rights leadership (TERO); national Indian cultural experts with expertise in Native American social and cultural counseling;  executives from higher education, distance learning, our elders and guidance from business development organizations .  These world class experts have joined together not for financial gain but are driven by their personal desire and passion to support economic opportunity for Indian Country.
Additionally we are guided by our SBA specialist to insure that our actions for our LBPs today will allow every opportunity for those partners to achieve certifications as independent entities.  Our LBPs are free to utilize our successful business model to create a generational economic engine that will bring more than just job creation to Indian Country, but actual career building for their tribal members.  Our LBP’s enjoy a super majority of profit dollars to enable sustainable growth for their future…without leaving home, leaving their culture or leaving their families to truly determine their economic future as sovereign nations.


This is Vision 2020. 


Join us on this path to independence and prosperity!