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The corporate leadership of Global Native Supply is committed to making commerce happen in Indian Country. They are available for any questions or discussions on what they can do to help make your organization a success and are very well versed in Indian Law, Policy, Treaties and how those factors effect economic development opportunities in Indian Country. They inviteand welcome your communication. Please feel free to contact the GNS Executive Team at:

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Oklahoma Indian Nations Information Handbook

The Oklahoma Indian Affairs Commission has developed this publication to be used as a resource for various audiences. Great care was taken to obtain accurate and factual information to document the relationship and impact of state and tribal relations in the Great State of Oklahoma.




When CDS began their endeavor of bringing this unique and unprecedented opportunity, Global Native Supply to Native American and Alaskan Native groups, they knew they had to solicit the opinions and expertise of experts in several areas.


The volunteers that will advise Global Native Supply represent experts in Technology, Business, Government Contracting, the Small Business Association, Tribal Leaders from multiple tribes and cultural experts. Here is a list of some of the individuals and organizations that advise the Global Native Supply efforts that will drive this endeavor to exceptional heights.

List of Advisors