Market potential and distibution logistics:


Computing products are in perpetual update mode with release of new higher-performance hardware and expanded software functionality.  Display and presentation products utilized in classrooms and meeting rooms are undergoing rapid technology updates.  Mobile electronic devices are increasing in variety and application.  Even office supplies are transitioning to “Green” standards and demand for environmentally responsible products is increasing as consumer awareness increases.

National Projections of dollars spent in the following catagories:


Office Products – $55B   Office product categories include consumable supplies, office accessories, case-good office furniture, janitorial and breakroom supplies.   

Technology Products –$58.5B Mainline product categories include notebook and desktop computers, servers, networks, displays, printers, scanners, TVs, Cameras, audio, projectors, power devices, security, software, managed services. 

Promotional Products – $19.8B Promotional products include hundreds of thousands of unique items that are all customizable with customer identity and targeted message. 


The logistics of fulfilling this need are met by utilizing the distibution channels that Global Native Supply has established.


GNS Distribution Map


18 Commercial Technology


76 Office Supply


18 Consumer Electronics


114 Total Warehouses



Indian Country Maps


In contrast, you can see that by looking at the Global Native Supply distribution map, and compare it to the AIAN (American Indian / Alaskan Native ) territory map and see that there is no area of theUnited States that would not be a good location for a Licensed Business Partner agreement. Global Native Supply and its LBP's (Licensed Business Partners)


This ability to leverage global distribution is one of the key elements that makes Global Native Supply a unique and successful economic development model for tribes from any region or location.


Indian Country Map of the Lower 48
Alaskan Territory
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